Weekly Services

Sunday Morning

8.00am Communion. This follows the communion service based on the Book of Common Prayer (often abreviated to BCP). It uses traditional language. There are readings, and a sermon but no hymns. It lasts about 45 minutes.

9.45am Communion. This is the main Sunday service, using the more modern format of Common Worship. There are readings, a sermon and hymns. It lasts about 55 minutes.

Children are welcome at our services.

Sunday Evening

We occasionally hold a service at 6.00pm on Sundays. In case you are unfamiliar with the format of some of them, here is a brief guide.

Compline. This is a quiet, meditative service, typically lasting only 20 – 25 minutes. It includes some verses from a psalm and a further short bible passage. It always includes prayer, including a time of quiet for your own personal prayers. It might also include a hymn or, more often, a short piece of music.

Evening Worship. This brings together some of the best loved parts of Evensong and Compline in a service of praise, prayer and thanksgiving. Bible readings and hymns or music will be included, but there is no sermon. The service lasts 25 – 35 minutes.

Evensong. This follows the traditional format of Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer and typically lasts 40 – 50 minutes. It includes some verses from a psalm and readings from both the Old and New Testament. It would usually include a sermon and quite possibly a couple of hymns. As with all worship, it will always include prayer.

Songs of Praise / Special Services. These services are based on a particular theme and typically last 45 – 60 minutes. The format varies considerably but there will almost certainly be a number of well-known hymns and a wide variety of readings, including biblical, poetry and prose. Prayer will always be included.

During the week

We hold a number of services during the week, either in the church or via Zoom. Please check the calendar for up-to-date information as the pattern may occasionally change.

Communion; Wednesday at 9.30am. This communion service uses the format of Common Worship. There are readings, and a short sermon but no hymns. It lasts about 35 minutes.

Morning and Evening Prayer. These are said services, typically lasting 20 – 25 minutes, with prayer and intercession and passages of scripture. The blue side-bar on the home page gives the current timings.