Social and Fundraising

Social and fundraising activities are an important part of the life of our church. They enable us to get to know one another better and to reach out into the wider community in friendship and fellowship.

We are committed to raising money for good causes and throughout the year, as a result of donations and fundraising activities, we are able to give financial support to a number of charities – local, national and international.

We also have to raise money for the upkeep of our buildings and to maintain a Christian presence within the area. Each year we send a considerable sum to the Diocese of Oxford (in 2019 it was £72,680) as our contribution towards the cost of clergy. On top of that we have the expense of an on-going programme of repairs and improvements to the church and Church House which, as anyone who owns an old building will know, is very costly.

We are therefore most grateful to all those who support our events and activities.

Do think about getting involved – we would love to see you.