Our next fundraising event is our Easter coffee morning. Thus year, we will be combining it with our family crafts. Full details are shown in the poster below. All are welcome to come along, join in the crafts, browse the stalls and treat yourself to refreshments! No charge for entry or the crafts (although donations towards costs of resources for the crafts are always appreciated!)

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bingo 2019-page-001

We have a series of 3 family bingo afternoons booked – details above.

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Harvest crafts 2018-page-001 (1)

Please note, you do NOT need to have a child at Bishop Loveday School to come along to our crafts morning – it is open to all and you will be very welcome to join us. We look forward to seeing you!



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Longford crafts for FB

Bazaar 2017


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Beetle drive poster for FB


The Mystery of Everything by Hilary Brand

By and large Christian teaching focuses of what we ought to believe. We want to understand how to know God and how to live our lives. We are human, we are finite, and even though we can learn through scientific exploration, spiritual revelation or ordinary everyday experience, none of us sees the whole picture and what we do see is dimly perceived. And we want it all explained. We want a theory of everything. This thirst for knowledge is something to rejoice in and celebrate but much of life remains a mystery. And the trouble comes when we fail to accept this mystery. Because then the temptation is to step beyond what we know and try to offer solutions and explanations that are at best simplistic and at worst, misleading. Christians are worse than most, they usually prefer answers to questions. So the rationale for this course is best summed up by acknowledging ‘there are more questions than answers’ and ‘the more I find out, the less I know’.

Brand believes that, the Christian faith does provide the solid bedrock that we all need. Nevertheless, ultimately we can’t escape form the mystery. Rather the trick is, from the bedrock we can see the mystery of life swirling around us, and from that safe place learn to live with its fearfulness and even delight in its mystery.

“God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.” Genesis 1:31

As we get older we forget how much the material world, the stuff of which our lives are made up is absolutely filled with wonder. So much of it is still very good. But are things left to themselves? That according to Stephen Hawkins is the overriding scientific view, that if there is a place for God at tall, it is as a Creator who, having set things up, ‘allows the universe to evolve according to a set of laws and does not intervene. Christians believe that God, having started up the world, did not simply withdraw to let it happen. Rather God continues to be intimately involved in it at every level, especially with us human creatures with our remarkable attributes of awareness and language.

This involvement immediately raises the question of miracles. What becomes very evident, as soon as we really think about the world around us, is that even the everyday way it works is absolutely miraculous! Think about the fine tuning of the universe needed for life to exist on this little planet, the workings of the human body, the interconnectedness of the whole environment. It all seems quite extraordinary. And surely even more extraordinary if it just happened by itself. But it happened, and both scientists and faith now generally agree that it had a beginning. And beyond that is a common understanding that nature is constantly being recreated, constantly evolving and renewing. So the stuff of our material world is quite awesome.

The purpose of the course is to try to come to terms with mystery and how faith functions within a world where there are so often things we cannot grasp or explain. Therefore, everyone’s experience is valid.

The group will meet in the vicarage at 7.30pm on Thursdays


28th September         The experience of wonder

5th October                 The enigma of weakness

12th October              The complexity of relationships

19th October              The encounter with frailty

26th October.             The hope beyond brokenness


Everyone is welcome to come to as few or as many as they wish.



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   Ride and Stride —– Saturday, 9th. September 2017

The annual sponsored Ride and Stride will take place on Saturday, 9th. September between 10a.m. and 6p.m.
There is a wedding in Bodicote Church at 12noon, which means that cyclists and walkers will be directed to Church House for refreshments and to have their sponsorship forms signed. Many thanks to the Church members who have volunteered to act as Welcomers.
From 2p.m. until 6p.m. the Church will be open as usual.
Claire Hamblett will be leading the Church Cycle Group and can be contacted on 07737075178   if you would like to join her.
We still need sponsorship for the Church Cycle Group. Please sign the sponsorship form in Church, or speak to Marjorie Davies, if you would like to support our cyclists by sponsoring them.
Half of the monies raised will come to Bodicote Church. The OHCT will use all monies received to give grants to Churches needing financial help with repairs and restoration work.  Bodicote Church has received such grants in the past, and we have been promised help towards the cost of repairs to the East Window when completed.

Marjorie Davies



Bodicote Church/ Bishop Loveday School 50th Birthday Bonanza

This took place at the school on Friday 16th June during a beautifully warm evening. The fete was opened by Jo Morgan, the longest serving current member of staff, together with the youngest and oldest pupils of the school. There were all the usual stalls, including 60s themed class stalls and entertainment during the event was provided by Sharon Green Dance Academy, the School Choir and Bodicote Youth Drama Group, together with a karate and Djembe drumming demonstrations. The Bodicote Archives Group provided an exhibition of the school’s 50 years, which was well attended throughout the evening.

Fete opening

Opening ceremony with the Mayor of Banbury, Jo Morgan and oldest and youngest school pupils.



Fete cake

50th birthday cake kindly provided by Samantha Schoenrock







Exhibition arranged by Bodicote Archive Group








Easter coffee morning and family crafts


Some of our visitors browsing the stalls


A dad enjoying a collage activity with his children


Some of the children enjoying making chocolate nests

















Family Bingo 4th February 2017

Everyone enjoyed a fun afternoon of bingo with their family and friends, shared some tasty cakes and some were lucky enough to win some of the fabulous prizes. We raised just over £240 too!

20170204_133845_resized                                      20170204_133812_resized





Church Bazaar 19th November 2016

christmasbazaarlowerres-7                                                                                               christmasbazaarlowerres-3





Some of our stall helpers at our recent bazaar. The afternoon was well supported and we raised £1,093.63 for church funds. Thank you to all who helped  or attended on the day. Our raffle winners were:

Ist prize – hamper – Neil Haynes
2nd – tiger encounter at Heythrop Park – Suzanne Briggs
3rd – family sunglasses, kindly donated by Drays Eyecare- P.Brooks
4th – family photo shoot, kindly donated by Alexandra Tandy Photography, who also provided the above images – C. Henshaw

There is a list of all the other winners in church.
The bid for the Amazon Fire tablet reached £40.01.

christmasbazaarlowerres-5 christmasbazaarlowerres-6

A Night at the Races 15th October 2016

A very enjoyable evening was had by all. 8 races were screened at random, with a chance to take part in the tote to choose the winning horse. We raised in excess of £825 for church funds. A huge thank you to our race sponsors – Humphris Funerals, M. Mumford Electrical, Taylor Wimpey and The Plough. Also to those who kindly donated raffle prizes – Alexandra Tandy Photography, Beauty at Bodicote Hair,  Bodicote Flyover Farm Shop, Crofts, Morrisons, Q Fish Chatsworth, Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse and Warwick Racecourse. The winner of our sweepstake was Bob Campbell who chose the winning horse, Olympic Glory.

Harvest activities October 2016

Our uniformed organisations were invited to share in craft activities before our combined Harvest service, while their parents and other members of the congregation enjoyed tucking in to bacon rolls! Looks like one of the children in particular enjoyed her rocky road after the service!



img_72151img_72131          img_72231

Concert by Banbury String Players on 1st October

A very enjoyable evening with a varied programme of music. Just over £425 was raised for church funds too!




A glorious afternoon in Annette and David’s beautiful garden sipping tea and enjoying delicious cream scones. Many thanks to everyone involved. We raised a considerable sum of money having a fabulous time.

a sunny afternoon

a sunny afternoon


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