Lent 2021

A Message from Sarah

Somehow we have got to the middle of February and the start of Lent. It is normal at this time to consider what we might give up. May I suggest that we have already given up quite enough over the past 11 months and as the anniversary of lockdown approaches many difficult emotions may come to the surface as we count the cost. Unless denying yourself chocolate, coffee or alcohol etc is actually going to help your spiritual journey may I suggest you keep Lent in a different way.

This Lent let us consider how we use our resources. At the beginning of the first Lockdown we all felt we had so much more time on our hands. For some time has now become a prison which needs releasing, for others a distant memory although we are not quite sure what we are doing with it. Make time to phone someone who would appreciate it or sit down and write a letter. This may be a continuation of what you are already doing, but try adding in a couple of different people into the mix.

Consider your finances. Many of us have more money in our pocket as we are going out less. We can’t have out Lent lunches this year. Assign an amount you are going to give to charity. It could be the same charity or a different one each day or week. Just a £1 a day adds up to £40. If you can’t afford to, don’t beat yourself up but pray for a different charity each day instead.

Finally our greatest resource is our self so please look after it. If you need to talk to someone please pick up the phone. You don’t have to justify feeling sad, you do need to do something about it. Consider using the Live Lent booklet every day even if you only say the prayer its better than nothing. God’s Story is our story.

#LiveLent: God’s Story, Our Story

The Church of England’s Lent resources theme for 2021, building on the success of recent years, is #LiveLent: God’s Story, Our Story.

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Live Lent: God’s Story, Our Story. There is going to be an informal discussion group on Zoom for 30 minutes at 7pm every Thursday night beginning 25th February. Please ask Sarah for the link