enrychlogo“I’m stuck here!”
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel stuck at home, unable to get out, with few visitors apart from busy carers?
is a local charity which aims to give adults with a physical disability the opportunity to add quality to life through leisure and learning – and WE NEED VOLUNTEERS, NOW, IN THIS AREA.
Would you be willing to give up an hour or two of your time? We’re looking for everyday folk who would like to share an interest with a disabled person. That hobby you’ve had for years might be just the thing that someone else is looking for!

For more information please call Susan Linnett on 07518 300387

or email  susan.linnett@enrych.org.uk.

ENRYCH Oxfordshire is a registered charity and has been working with disabled people for 27 years – charity no. 1119954.