Wider Community

communityBishop Loveday School
The present CE Aided Primary School was built in 1967 through the Church’s initiative and it must be stressed that the link between the church and school underpins a great deal of the church’s involvement with the wider community and its outreach. The head teacher is a member of the Parochial Church Council.
A representative from the church takes the Monday assembly each week, introducing the theme that is explored throughout the week in daily acts of worship. In addition to this, each year group has a short assembly type service in church on a Wednesday on a regular rota basis. The school draws a large proportion of its children from outside the boundary of Bodicote and therefore there is a pastoral ministry to a number of families not resident in the village.
Each year the church and school combine to run the village fete with each organisation providing the committee chairman on an alternating basis. The entire village is involved and the proceeds are split between the church and the school with an amount going to a nominated charity.
For more information on Bishop Loveday School please visit the website:

Visitor Groups
Some time ago we realised that lay members of the parish could support the vicar by helping to minister to the bereaved and people facing other problems in their lives. The volunteers formed a group and undertook a preparation programme to give them the necessary listening skills and understanding. Each member of the group benefit personally from the programme and from the mutual support they were able to give to each other. The members are not counsellors but informed listeners and always maintain strict confidentiality. They visit a number of house bound and hospital bound people and offer a listening ear, support and understanding. The group meets regularly and continue to learn from each other.

Fairholme House
This is a residential home for the elderly located near the church. A regular monthly comunion service is organised for the residents, some of whom also attend services in church.

The Village Festival
Following the church’s invitation to welcome the millennium with a big celebration involving all the village Bodfest was formed. Every summer the marquees which appear on Kings Field herald a weekend of music, barn dances, morris dancing, open gardens, competitions and shows. The celebrations begin with a choral evensong and end with a brass band leading a ‘Songs of Praise Sing-along’. Bodfest brings the whole community together and throughout the year the committee arranges events to raise funds in order to cover the celebrations – the annual ‘Duck Race’ on Sor Brook being the highlight. Volunteers are needed to help with the 2016 festival.
Please email bodfest@outlook.com if you would like more information about volunteering.

Helping those in need
Bodicote Church has always acknowledged its responsibility to those less fortunate and its obligation to support the aims of the Church worldwide. Members of the Giving Committee tithe roughly 10% of their personal incomes to support the underprivileged both at home and around the world. This money goes towards the less fortunate in our society and those in poorer countries. They also sponsor the annual Christian Aid door-to-door collections in the village and the December Gift Service collections are given to the Chirldren’s Society.

Welcome Leaflet
Together with the Mothers’ Union the church has produced a leaflet with details of village activities and associations to help those who are new to the village feel welcome and let them know what Bodicote has to offer. Village residents take responsibility for noticing when someone new moves in and near them and then visit them to leave a copy of the leaflet. Copies of the leaflet are also also available in the church if you don’t have one.

Church House
This building was the old village school and has a hall, meeting room, kitchen, toilets and a car park. It is a resource used by many organisations as well as the church and is available for hire at a very reasonable rate.
Please contact Nicholas Hart 01295 253747 nchart@onetel.com