Care of the Environment

We manage our church grounds so they provide a range of habitats for wildlife as well as being an attractive green space for the community.

In early 2020 we added 7 new nesting boxes which we hope will be used by a variety of small birds.

Our church tower houses a considerable number of nesting boxes designed specifically for swifts and during their breeding season, between early May and late July, many of these distinctive birds can be seen, and heard, flying around the church.

In the early spring we have several areas where snowdrops are gradually spreading, and then, a month or so later, when the primroses come into flower, the church grounds look particularly beautiful. These lovely native flowers have been allowed to naturalise and now cover large areas of the grounds.

We now have a specially constructed bug stack, made from fallen branches, twigs, bark and pinecones, to provide a suitable hideaway for many small varieties of wildlife.

We aim to be a Fairtrade church, promoting the use of products that help producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships.

We have a council re-cycling bin at Church House to encourage all users to recycle whenever possible, rather than send waste to landfill.

We have been awarded an Eco Church Silver Certificate for our efforts in caring for the environment.