Baptism (also commonly called Christening) admits and welcomes a person into the family of the Christian Church. Most usually in the Anglican Church infants or children are baptised, but it can take place at any age.

During the service your child will be baptised with water and signed with a cross to welcome them into the church. They will receive a special candle to symbolise the light which Jesus brings into our world. Parents and godparents make promises to pray for your child and help them on the Christian journey of life.

Preparing for your child’s christening is an important and exciting time. There is much to think about and do before the special day, and to help you with this we run preparation sessions for parents and godparents. We will take you through the service step-by-step so you understand it fully, and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions if you are unsure of anything.

If you are thinking about having your child, or children, baptised, do please get in touch with Claire Roberts on 01295 254597 to arrange a meeting.