Update about public worship 9th January 2021 (amended 25th January 2021)

During this 3rd lockdown, church services are still permitted, although many have opted to offer online services for the time being, whilst cases locally are so high.

In Bodicote we are still having our Sunday 8am BCP communion service and 9.45am Communion Service in person at present. We must ensure that we sit in the designated spots and not be tempted to move down the pews which may breech the 2 metre distancing. We must ensure that we don’t congregate to chat indoors and enter and leave the building quickly and safely maintaining social distancing. Please do consider your personal circumstances when making the decision as to whether to attend or not.

A personal risk assessment is available for you to use at home if you are planning to come. I don’t need to see it. Ultimately it is your decision. If at any time we have to cancel services I will do my best to let you know as soon as possible.


Sarah is offering morning prayer at 8.30am on Mondays and evening prayer at 4pm on Fridays via the medium of Zoom. If you would like to join her please email her for the link.

We now have our own QR code on the porch noticeboard (and also in church house), which you can use in addition to the contact details we take, if you wish to do so.