100 Club

November 2017 update

October results:

1st prize £50           Beryl Whitrow

2nd prize £10          Keith Bristow

November results:

1st prize £50           Ann Sansom

2nd prize £10          Mavis Moon

Next draw: Monday 11th December 9pm at The Plough

September 2017 update

Our very first 100 club draw took place on Monday 11th September in The Plough.

100 club draw Sept

Congratulations to Paddy Mills who won the £50 first prize with the number 45. Our second prize winner of £10 was Eileen Rivers with number 66.


If you haven’t already joined, and would like to, new entries can be accepted at any time. You will be entered in the next available draw after the end of the month in which your subscription is received. Rules and details are shown below.


As part of our ongoing fundraising work, we will be launching a 100 Club, the first draw taking place in September 2017. The membership is not going to be limited to 100 members; indeed, it would be fantastic if it extended far beyond!

Numbers are available at a cost of £1 per number per month (just £12 a year for 12 opportunities to win the prize!)

Application forms are available to download here, or in Church, or by emailing office.bodicotechurch@gmail.com

For the first draw, there will be a guaranteed first prize of £50. Prizes for future draws will be extended if the membership exceeds 100 numbers. The rules for the club are as below:

1. The ‘Bodicote Church 100 Club’ will operate as a Small Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005

2. The ‘Bodicote Church 100 Club’ will commence on 1st September 2017 and shall continue as long as deemed viable by Bodicote PCC

3. The subscription to the ‘Bodicote Church 100 Club’ shall be £1 per month per number, payable in advance on either a quarterly or annual basis.

4. 50% of the subscription payments make up the ‘Prize Fund’, while the remainder goes to Bodicote PCC to support the work of the Church.

5. Anybody over the age of 16 can become a member of the ‘Bodicote Church 100 Club’ and you are encouraged to invite friends and family to join.

6. The ‘Bodicote Church 100 Club’ shall not be limited to 100 members.

7. Members’ numbers are eligible for inclusion in the draw for any month so long as each subscription for that month has been paid before the draw takes place.

8. Members may have multiple subscriptions.

9. Each member is allocated a permanent number in the monthly draw at £1 per number. This number shall remain that member’s number while their subscription is up to date. This number will be allocated by the administrator.

10. There will be one prize draw each month, on the second Monday of the month or as soon as possible thereafter. This will take place at The Plough Inn, 9 High Street, Bodicote, OX15 4BZ, and there will be a minimum of 2 members of Bodicote PCC present at each draw.

11. The administrator will make all reasonable efforts to post cheques to prize winners within two weeks of the draw date.

12. Where the winner cannot be contacted, or their prize cheque is not banked, within six months, the prize will go into PCC funds.

13. Winners’ names will be included on the Church’s weekly news sheets and in its magazine. They will also be named on the Church’s Facebook page and website.

14. A list of all members of the club will be available upon request.

15. The “Bodicote Church 100 Club” will be run under Licence number LOT0754 from Cherwell District Council.