Health advice

Please see below for any concerns about the recent outbreak of Covid-19 as well as view the files attached for ways you can help protect yourself and the community

It is very important that,if you are showing any symptoms of the coronavirus or have been in direct contact with some-one who is showing signs of the virus, you follow government guidelines and self-isolate. Please do phone the vicar or any other member of the church if you require any support such as shopping etc although home visits would be inappropriate.

To this end we have put together a parish phone tree so that we can keep you informed of any cancellations or changes. All members of the electoral roll are on this but if you are not sure please email the vicar with your phone number. If you are not sure anyone has your phone number, please let her have it. Only the person at the top of your branch will receive it

Please do phone the vicar if you have any anxieties and don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are down to provide a service you no longer feel able to fulfil please just let us know. We are not called to judge one another but to love one another.

Stay Calm, Stay Well

Sarah                     01295 250282